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Table of Contents  

  • Septic Operation and Maintenance Inspections
  • Real Estate Transfer/Septic and Water System Inspections


Owners of systems with off-lot permitted discharges are covered by Summit County's Septic Operation and Maintenance Inspection program. Those are systems that drain wastewater into an open or closed ditch, field tile, storm sewer, creek, stream or other body of water.

Owners of the covered systems pay a $65 fee for each inspection, but not more frequently than every two years. The $65 fee is billed to the owner after the inspection is completed and the owner is given a "fair amount of time and adequate opportunities to pay the fee."

If the $65 fee is not then paid, an additional 25% penalty fee will be imposed. Unpaid fees will be filed as a lien on the property covered by the inspection.

If the inspection finds that work on the system must be performed, the Summit County Health District will notify the owner who will then be "given a reasonable time-frame (generally one to six months) to complete the work."

If minor corrections are required, follow-up inspections will not require an additional fee. However, corrections that involve work requiring a permit will be charged a permit fee and the inspection fee will be deducted from the cost of the permit.

If you have an off-lot discharging septic system, be prepared!  It will be inspected. Keep your system properly maintained.  We can help.  See our Septic Maintenance page.

For more information about the operation and maintenance inspections, read The Summit County Health District's "Operation Inspection" document.  (The document is in .pdf format so you will need a PDF Reader to read it.  If you need one a FREE copy of Foxit Reader or Adobe Reader may be used.)


Summit County Health District rules require that, before a home can be transferred to a new owner, the Household Sewage Treatment System (Septic) and Private Water System must be inspected!

The inspection will determine if the system(s) adversely affects the public health and the environment or violates any other applicable rule or regulation.  It will determine if the systems' structure and operational status are in substantial conformance with the District's various regulations.

The District will give both the seller and the buyer a copy of the inspection report.

What does this all mean?  Your systems will have to be in good shape or the District will require repairs or system replacement, as necessary.  A system that is a public nuisance will have to be fixed or the District will shut it down.

While we can not help you with your water system, we can help you with your septic system. How?  The best way to protect your system is to keep it cleaned out.  That is how we can help. Go to our Septic Maintenance page for details.

For more information about the real estate transfer inspection rules, read The Summit County Health District's "Point of Sale Inspections" document.  (This document is also in .pdf format so you will need a PDF Reader to read it.  See the above links if you need a FREE copy of a PDF Reader.)