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For almost 40 years now, BHA has been a key part of Bath.  From the activism of members in the early 1970s - fighting the county's proposed sewer system coming into and forever changing rural Bath - to publishing the first township telephone directory to actively participating in the recently discontinued Bath Community Day, BHA members help make Bath a wonderful place to live.

In addition to our Septic Clean Out Discount Program for members, the following are some of the things we do or have done for Bath.

Curb Painting and Address Markers – Making sure that Bath’s police and fire emergency vehicles can easily locate addresses, BHA continues to partner with the township to fund painting address numbers on street curbs in the southeast corner of Bath and replacing damaged fiberglass address markers in other sections of Bath.

Good Deeds Project - Bath Township participated in Summit County Probate Judge Todd McKinney's "Good Deeds Project" to identify Bath residents who could benefit by changing the way their real estate and other assets would be transferred upon their death so as to avoid the need to go through Probate Court.  BHA paid the cost to send notifications to the affected Bath residents.

Project Pride - Every spring, BHA has been a sponsor of ProjectPride/Bath Cleanup Day, when volunteers clean up the litter from Bath's highways and byways.  To ensure the safety of those volunteers, especially the students who participate, BHA has purchased several hundred safety vests to make sure drivers "see" those volunteers.

Bath Community Fund - We are pleased that we were able to be a Founding Donor of the Fund which is a permanent endowment dedicated to the Bath community and established to positively impact the more than 60 non-profit and tax-exempt organizations in Bath.  Committed to responding to Bath community needs, the Fund's core areas of interest include historic and environmental preservation; arts and culture; youth, education and recreation; and social service initiatives.  For details about the Fund go to www.akroncf.org/BCF.

Septic Fees - BHA is a strong advocate that septic systems must be properly maintained...thus our septic clean-out program with discounts for our members. However, when the Summit County Board of Health (SCBH) in 2004 proposed that ALL septic owners pay an annual fee merely for having a septic system, we made extensive filings and had multiple meetings with SCBH arguing that such fee would be illegal since SCBH has no power to tax but only to charge for services.  They ultimately agreed with us and now only charge for services, such as inspections.  (See our Septic Inspections page.)

To paraphrase Jack Marshall, one of the founders of the present BHA, members have always been knowledgeable about, interested in and willing to act to protect Bath and its abundant natural beauty. Your Membership in BHA will help us do just that!