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Table of Contents

  • Summit County's Septic Operation and Maintenance Rules
  • How to Protect Your System and Comply with Rules
  • How We Can Help You With Septic Clean-Outs


Summit county is in the process of implementing new Ohio rules covering the operation and maintenance of household septic systems. The new rules consist of a more aggressive program of Inspections, Operation Permits and Fees.  The type and age of your system will dictate (1) when the Inspections will occur, (2) the frequency of the Inspections, and (3) assuming your system passes the Inspection, an Operation Permit Fee will be charged.  The fees range from $20 to $30 every two years or $30 annually for an overall cost of $10 to $30 annually. For more details visit the Summit County Public Health Department's web page at http://www.scphoh.org/main.html.

The Summit County Health Department is in the process of inspecting all septic systems before the end of 2018.

Also, If your septic system becomes an environmental nuisance it will be inspected by the Health District and you will be charged $65 and be required to make necessary repairs.

If you must fix your system it is not clear what costs you may experience.  Soil conditions and size of lot will determine if you can fix your present system.  You  may have to relocate your system on your lot or install another type.  Relocation could greatly affect costs.  Also, many of the newly approved types of systems, though not all, will cost more to install.  Bottom line, keep your system in perfect condition.  We can help...see below.

What is clear is that all new and replacement systems will have an application fee, a permit fee for installation, alteration, or replacement and an operation permit fee.  These fees are set by the Health District.


Proper operation and maintenance of systems has a significant impact on how well your system works...and how long it lasts...which will avoid a costly replacement.

Here are some things to do to properly operate your system:  First, use water wisely (too much water in the soil can hurt the system's ability to remove toxins, bacteria and other pollution); second, do not put anything in the system that you can put in the trash (including plastics, paper towels, feminine hygiene products, disposable diapers, etc); third, do not use a garbage disposal;  fourth, do not put hazardous household chemicals (such as paint and pesticides) in your septic; and fifth, keep your septic pumped out. A septic clean out can be your best friend.

If you're still not convinced about the need to protect your system you'll want to read  "Operation and Maintenance Management" of a sewage treatment system that appears on the Summit County Health District web page.  That article originally appeared in a newsletter funded by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.  (The article is in .pdf format so you will need a PDF Reader to read it.  If you need one a FREE copy of Foxit Reader or Adobe Reader may be used.)

Why do anything since your septic seems to be working OK? Well, consider the cost of the clean outs compared to a possible total replacement. That seems to be a no-brainer. But, what if you still think you can just "fly under the radar" and not get caught with a bad system? There is little chance of that succeeding. You see, when septics are cleaned out the companies doing the work are required to notify the Summit County Department of Health. So, if there is a problem in your neighborhood, guess where they will look first!

Oh yes. You can have the Department of Health inspect your system to see if it needs cleaned out. But, is that not like asking the Internal Revenue Service to audit your tax return to make sure you are in compliance?

And, if you are going to sell your home you must have your septic and water systems inspected to ensure that your system is in full compliance with all rules!  Go to our Septic Inspections page for details.

Bottom line...do not take a chance, keep your system pumped out!


OK, here comes the sales pitch! The easiest way to get your system pumped out is to be a member of the Bath Homeowners Association which will qualify you for discounts on your septic clean-outs. You will help yourself, help us, and help the environment by keeping your system working properly. Which is why BHA offers a special money-saving deal on septic clean-outs. Go for it. You’ll even save some money.

Go to our Membership Form page to join BHA and receive the Septic Clean-Out Program discounts. The clean-out discounts are set by each participating company but will be no less than $15 per tank.  All Town & Country (330-745-2277), dynamerican (330-666-8863) and Summit Excavating (330-825-2035) give the discounts.  Allow 4 weeks for processing of your membership, then arrange for the clean-outs.  Membership lists are forwarded regularly to the three companies, but not daily.

Not a bad return on your $10 membership!

Do not send us payment for the septic clean-out. As a convenience, we forward your name to All Town & Country, dynamerican and Summit Excavating. You pay the company you select when the work is finished. BHA does not make any money on the Clean-Out Program. We handle it to encourage septic tank owners to maintain their systems.